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For Immediate Release 2016

CDR-Data Corporation has added Genband’s unified communications platform, Nuvia, to CDR-Data’s catalog of the hundreds of the PBX and hosted telecommunication systems in the industry. CDR-Data processes millions of call records daily and will make good use of Nuvia systems to collect process and display all the data required to complete the billing process.
About CDR-Data Corporation
CDR-Data Corporation, based in Pasadena CA, /> consists of a group of professionals with decades of experience in the telemanagement, call accounting and IT industry. By using an ASP environment, this team has consistently delivered proven products and services that provide answers to management's questions of telecommunications usage and billing. CDR-Data has gained its market share by consistently delivering high quality and flexible solutions to each and every CDR-Data client.
About Telgiks
Telogiks is please to announce that they have partnered with GENBAND to architect a superior hosted voice platform, Nuvia in Canada. Genband is a world market leader in IP telephony servicing over 80 countries and 298 million IP licenses. Telogiks is a market leader in new and remanufactured electronics specializing in IT and telephony industries across North America. GENBAND’s Nuvia service provides a suite of market-ready desktop, mobile and web-optimized business communications services to both small business and large enterprises.
GENBAND’s UCaaS (which originated from their purchase of the UCaaS division of Nortel in June 2010) backed by its carrier-grade technology, helps businesses of any size cost-effectively replace legacy assets such as outmoded PBX hardware with business-class, cloud-based unified communications solutions that deliver on today’s communications needs.
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